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Hotel Abades Nevada Palace Skiers Special Breakfast and Picnic in Spain

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    Abades Hotels’s Skiers Special Breakfast and Picnic

    Book Skiers Special Breakfast and Picnic Abades Hotels, Spain

    Skiers Special Breakfast and Picnic

    Hotel Abades Nevada Palace

    Take it easy to ski in Sierra Nevada from Abades Nevada Palace.
    Our strategic location in Granada and quick access to the road to the ski resort is ideal to enjoy snow and the city. To get the most of your time, we propose you

    Bed & breakfast in double room
    Picnic which includes:
    * Pasta salad bowl
    * Ham and Cheese Sandwich
    * Mini Ciabatta with cured ham and oil
    * Pack of nuts
    * Piece of fruit
    * Energy bar
    * Bottle of water

    Furthermore, if you book 3 or more nights, we offer you a discount of 15%.

    Offer valid between 20/05/2022 and 31/05/2022
    From:€110 taxes included.
    Skiers special breakfast and picnic Abades Nevada Palace 4* Hotel Granada
    Safety Protocol COVID 19